Abigail is an artist currently based in Southampton, UK. Her curiosity into the concepts of motion and the fluidity of movement through different forms of space informs her interest in using different technical and object based mediums, including video, projection and sculpture. She attempts to quantify the simplest of motions and gestures that occur in the everyday and emphasise their importance by experimenting with scale, surface and presentation methods. Her practise is largely influenced by expanded cinema and the virtual landscape, drawing inspiration from artists like Char Davies, Ceal Floyer, Susan Collins and Bill Viola.

She has a growing passion for curating and has experience with curating her own exhibitions as well as directing group exhibitions in London spaces with other practising artists.


Her gallery experience includes working as a gallery technician at the James Hockey Gallery in Farnham and the Southampton City Art Gallery where she began as a volunteer and now works with the exhibitions team as a gallery assistant on occasion. 


She graduated from UCA Farnham in 2017 with a First Class Ba (Hons) in Fine Art.