In Between
Safehouse 2, Peckham
Group Exhibition

Including photography, sculpture, installation and moving image, the works in this exhibition directly responds to the transient, in-between space of Safehouse 2. The works reinforce the interchangeability of ungoverned spaces and challenge the concept of place and its originally intended function.

Artists: Abigail Miller, Connor Kitching, Grace Madeleine Slater, Hollie Sylvia Rose, Christopher Beattie.

Sound seems like such a substandard service to summarise sinewed concepts..
London Euston Station
Public Intervention 

Spoken word performance driven public intervention in London Euston station, performed by Liverpool based artist Devon Forrester-Jones.

Artist: Devon Forrester-Jones.

22 Weydon Hill Close

Including moving image based works 'Methane' by Michael Alstad and 'Rub' by Hilde Khron Huse, Abattoir is an exhibition focussed on portraying the kitchen space as a heterotopia, where the function of the domestic space is displaced and replaced with concepts of consumerism, The kitchen is reimagined as a transient space between the industry and the consumer, 

Artists: Michael Alstad, Hilde Khron Huse
Group curated show.

Subversion 0.5
hARTS Lane, Notting Hill Gate
Group Exhibition

Following themes of the everyday, existentialism, cinema and process, Subversion 0.5 is an exhibition showing film, sculpture and installation that explores the transformative qualities of materials and how they can exist and engage in space outside of the artists studio.

Artists: Abigail Miller, Christopher Beattie, Amber Clausner, John Connor, James Fish, Laura Rowe.