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I aim to explore curatorial practice through alternative exhibition formats, reimagining how art can be accessed by an audience. The space an artwork is presented in is just as integral to its influence as the artwork itself. Dancing along the boundary between artist and curator is a rewarding endeavour that allows new ideas about the role of the viewer in art to emerge. My curating style focuses on the relationship between art objects and art galleries/spaces and how their identities influence each other and give new meaning to the process of the exhibition.

Oh it's just the Phoneboxes
K6 Gallery, Southampton
Artist Collaboration

A collaboration with artist Annette Warner, between artist and curator. The exhibition aims to challenge K6 as a space and dance along the boundary between art object and art gallery, exploring if an art gallery can actually become an artwork. Using virtual software, large scale print, mylar sheeting and QR codes, the spatial boundaries of the gallery are challenged and re-presented to us as the ultimate site-specific intervention. Link to accompanying video

Artists: Annette Warner, Abigail Miller

image description: image 1 details K6 gallery, 2 red telephone boxes next to each other with artwork from the exhibition 'Oh it's just the Phoneboxes' hung inside. Image 2 shows the telephone boxes more closely, with a viewer standing in front of the right telephone box and using their phone to scan the QR codes pasted inside the door to view the accompanying exhibition video. Next to the viewer a large scale detailed print depicting the telephone boxes in digital software program 'Metashape' is seen hanging in the left telephone box.   

In Between
Safehouse 2, Peckham
Group Exhibition

A site-specific intervention Including photography, sculpture, installation and moving image, the works in this exhibition directly respond to the transient, in-between space of Safehouse 2. The works reinforce the interchangeability of ungoverned spaces and challenge the concept of place and its originally intended function.

Artists: Abigail Miller, Connor Kitching, Grace Madeleine Slater, Hollie Sylvia Rose, Christopher Beattie.

image description: image 1 shows photographer Connor Kitching's work, a series of photographic prints suspended from the ceiling using fishing wire and bulldog clips in a derelict room. Two windows behind the work show a dark blurry scene of distant traffic.

image 2 details Abigail Miller's work, a video projection of a ambiguous orange object caught in a swinging motion. The work is projected into the corner of a downstairs room in Safehouse 2 gallery, a derelict house with peeling wallpaper and bare dusty wooden floors.

Image 3 shows another view of Connor Kitching's work, a video projection of the artist, nude, and adopting different poses in front of a white screen. The work is projected at a large scale on a wall.

Sound seems like such a substandard service to summarise sinewed concepts..
London Euston Station
Public Intervention 

Spoken word performance driven public intervention in London Euston station, performed by Liverpool based artist Devon Forrester-Jones.

Artist: Devon Forrester-Jones

Group Curated Show.

image description: 2 images depicting artist Devon Forrester-Jones stood outside the entrance of London Euston station. Devon is holding a tablet device from which she performs her spoken word artwork whilst commuters enter and leave the station. Some people look in the artist's direction as they pass, others gaze down at their phones with no acknowledgement.

22 Weydon Hill Close

Including moving image based works 'Methane' by Michael Alstad and 'Rub' by Hilde Khron Huse, Abattoir is an exhibition focussed on portraying the kitchen space as a heterotopia, where the function of the domestic space is displaced and replaced with concepts of consumerism, The kitchen is reimagined as a transient space between the industry and the consumer, 

Artists: Michael Alstad, Hilde Khron Huse
Group curated show.

image description: image 1 shows Michael Alstad's work, a small tv screen placed flat on top of a kitchen countertop, playing a video 'Methane'. The video shows a close up shot of cows. 

Image 2 depicts a small tablet device placed inside a cupboard on a small shelf, the tablet it playing a video work 'Rub' by Hilde Khron Huse. The video shows the artist's face, their hands are covered in a black substance. The artist rubs their hands over their face, transferring this material onto their face in large black smudges.

Subversion 0.5
hARTS Lane, Notting Hill Gate
Group Exhibition

Following themes of the everyday, existentialism, cinema and process, Subversion 0.5 is an exhibition showing film, sculpture and installation that explores the transformative qualities of materials and how they can exist and engage in space outside of the artists studio.

Artists: Abigail Miller, Christopher Beattie, Amber Clausner, John Connor, James Fish, Laura Rowe.

image description: image 1 shows a large scale projection onto a whilte gallery wall of a black and white appropriated footage artwork by John Connor. The video shows an older gentleman wearing a suit and top hat.  To the left of the image there is a small wooden chair where viewers are invited to sit. 

image 2 is a distant shot of multiple artworks, including abstract paintings, 2 white square canvasses and 2 dark grey wooden planks with gold detailing hung on a white wall. On the floor there is a marble vinyl sheet, with black glossy drip sculptures placed on top in a straight line. In the distance behind the floor artwork there is a far wall with a colourful mosaic pattern.

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