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For a special edition of IN MY HOUSE, Abigail collaborates with Brighton based artist-led alternative education platform TheAntiMA. Consisting of 10 practising artists, this collective is a self directed further education MA programme designed to exist independently from an institution, and fundamentally encourages peer learning and collaboration. With a number of exciting public engagements being postponed or cancelled for these artists recently, working together on a show for this project seemed like an exciting alternative adventure. Working with sculpture, photography, moving image, performance and installation, this project was an exciting opportunity for a diverse group of artists to reimagine their practises in a domestic and digitized environment.                                                                                                       

artist links:

@yangenhume (instagram)

@zklt.artist (instagram)

@julesallan_art (instagram)

@rosievmk (instagram)


@hyppanie_felt_tutor (instagram)


@still4385 (instagram)

@rosillodeblas (instagram)

@grace.slater (instagram)


@paturnerlee (instagram)



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