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Show seven is a solo display from photographer Alice Anwen Cockburn presenting her documentary project ‘In One Ear’. The project is an empathetic insight into Alzheimer’s disease, as Alice shares; “...containing dramatised photographs of scenes from my father’s everyday life since being diagnosed. The project pinpoints the domestic details of living with the disease that are typically far removed from the public eye. I have produced photographs that replicate visual aspects of the illness, with focus on the idea of looking and delusions vs reality...what is past and what is present” In her submission Alice spoke about how formal and dispassionate conversation about Alzheimer’s usually is, and she uses this series she started in 2018 to share a more personable perspective of how this illness influences a persons day to day activity. The images are located throughout the house in varying scales to mimic the domestic theme within this documentary project. Alice uses diverse imagery in her father's living space to explore how the home is affected and adjusted to accommodate some of the symptoms of this disease. 

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