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An exhibition of 7 works from 9 different artists, In My House 8 is another group instalment that shows a diverse display of art; from text based prose, video installation, painting and sound works. Most of the rooms in the house are utilised in this show, inviting new concepts and atmospheres into the space that perhaps haven't been provoked before. Claire Yspol explores the strength of the written word with a striking vinyl text piece. Janet Stafford brings nature into a domestic space with her delicate paintings of trees. Smriti Mehra, Leslie Johnson and Chinar Shah collaborate and examine capitalist ideals with an interesting stock footage video work. Will Harman uses large scale paintings as nostalgic investigations into displaying rave culture scenes. James McColl repurposes found footage of space equipment onto accessible devices. Charlie Cooper shares a studio recording of a sound piece composed for live performance. Svetlana Ochkovskaya uses a 360 degree GoPro to record farming machinery.
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