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The second instalment of the IN MY HOUSE project presents the work of four artists; Martin Cody, Joas Nebe, Michelle Owoo and Charlene Clempson. Their works are presented as a group show, with each artist allowed residence in a different room throughout the house, to explore how their different practises can be observed collectively.                                                                                            
Martin Cody is a Somerset based artist, showing an interactive photographic series titled; ‘Four Locations in Encinitas, Southern California: In Remembrance of Allan Kaprow 1927 - 2006.’ An accompanying text is shown with piece in a digital format, giving viewers instructions to access to a link for how to make a happening;
"In February 2019, I visited Encinitas, a coastal town in Southern California. By chance, I found that Allan Kaprow, an artist who was an early influence in the way I think about making art, had died there in 2006. I decided to make some enquiries in the hope of taking a selfie with a commemorative plaque somewhere in the town. I was put in touch with and met the President of the Encinitas Historical Society but there were no references in her records of Kaprow living and working there. Kaprow was one of the American artists who, from the mid-1950’s, developed activities and strategies that came to be known as ‘Happenings’. I decided to devise this present work as my own commemoration of him, showing four locations in Encinitas where he could possibly have made a ‘Happening’. As you view the photographs I encourage you to listen to Allan Kaprow explaining how to make a ‘Happening’ at this link "
Joas Nebe is a video artist from Hamburg. His work 'Landmark:Vogelhaus' is a looped film installation located in the living room. The piece is concerned with how nature exists within urban surroundings, focusing primarily in this work with the migration of birds. Whilst living in Berlin, Joas became fascinated with the bird populations and the summer migrations that occured, often observing them residing within the derelict parts of multistorey buildings. The Landmark Project explores how city architectures affect and influence the species and is cleverly executed with this repetitive video graphic.
Michelle Owoo is a London Fields based artist working in painting, collage and performance. Her digital collage piece ‘Tour Guide’ is presented in the office space, existing as a sort of screensaver image or architectural design. The image was created using a discarded banana peel and figures on a scale of 1:100 to explore and actualise a concept of ‘microtourism’. Owoo’s interests focus on chance processes (dérives, found objects and text)
Charlene Clempson presents a series of works on paper, ‘Drawing Diaspora - My Suitcase’ displayed in both the bedroom and en suite spaces, to mirror the artist’s experience of using these objects during a residency in China. Her practise is rooted within the theme of self-identity, she uses a method of ‘graphic inventory’ to explore the idea of possession and ownership in different spaces. Charlene speaks in reference to this work; “Humans negotiate different spaces that differ from home or places that are possessed - I am intrigued with objects and ideas that are transportable...the suitcase is a mini version of home.” These drawings, whilst indicative of an experience in one space, are now transportable and reside in the domestic space of another.
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artist links;
@michelleowoo (instagram)
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